Do you think that real estate companies charging 6% commission is outrageous?  Are you tired of real estate agents just putting your house on the MLS and letting other agents sell your house for them?  Do you think you can sell your house on your own and just want the exposure of being listed on the MLS?  We have the answer for you! Reliance Real Estate Group now offers a Flat Fee MLS Listing service.  This type of listing is ideal for home owners looking to get maximum marketing exposure and who feel they can represent themselves adequately and do not need the assistance of a Realtor.  When a Flat Fee MLS Listing is purchased we will fully list you on the MLS this means that YOU will become the agent.  Other Realtors will show your house and sell it, you will be listed on every website that is linked into the MLS (,, real estate company websites, etc.), you will receive a lockbox, and you will get access to a scheduling service.  We will give you all the tools necessary to sell your home for a one time flat fee!  We do not take commissions on the back end and you will only pay an agent a commission if they actually sell your home (between 1.5-3%).  Don’t pay somebody 6% commission for something that you can easily do yourself!

Our Prices are some of the Lowest in the Industry!

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