FlatĀ Fee MLS Listing $425

(some services may vary for commercial or land listings)

  • Listing on the local MLS for 6 months
  • SupraKey lockbox
  • Listing on every website that is linked into the MLS (Realtor.com, Zillow.com, real estate company websites)
  • State forms and disclosures
  • Showing Time Service to coordinate your agent showings
  • Up to 20 photos of property

FlatĀ Fee MLS RENEWAL $100

  • 6 month listing extension

Agent Representation (Price is negotiable)

  • Agent will make sure that you are protected by law through proper disclosures and forms
  • Agent will help with drawing contract
  • Agent will be on call for any advice or help needed
  • Agent will coach you through the contract and closing process

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