105 Tupelo Drive, Scott

Perfect Starter Home! This 3 bedroom 1 bathroom brick home is in excellent condition. Quiet neighborhood and easy access to Lafayette. New roof and floors in the kitchen and bathroom., nice size rooms and closets. Must see!

This is a limited service listing. Sellers represent themselves. Seller is RD7 INVESTMENTS, LLC (337-258-3638; srabeaux@yahoo.com). Seller will negotiate for themselves. Send offers to reliancerealestategroup@gmail.com and copy all offers to seller at srabeaux@yahoo.com. Contact seller for anything else in regards to this listing. Schedule all showings through CSS. Reliance Real Estate does not hold property deposit checks. LA/LO will NOT Advise the seller on PA’s; LA/LO will NOT Arrange Appointments; LA/LO will NOT Assist seller in counteroffers; LA/LO will NOT Negotiate for the seller.

Call/text Jeremiah (337-277-5244) or Anna (337-303-8725) today to chat.

List your house for $425!

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