702 E Bayou Parkway, Lafayette

Build your dream home on the prestigious oak lined East Bayou Parkway! Lot is high and dry, flood zone x. Beautiful live oak on property.

This is a limited service listing. Seller represents themselves. Seller is Diane McIntosh (337-255-8522; diane.mcintosh453@gmail.com). Seller will negotiate for themselves. Send offers to reliancerealestategroup@gmail.com and copy all offers to seller at diane.mcintosh453@gmail.com. Contact seller for anything else in regards to this listing. Schedule all showings through Showing Time. Reliance Real Estate does not hold property deposit checks. LA/LO will NOT Advise the seller on PA’s; LA/LO will NOT Arrange Appointments; LA/LO will NOT Assist seller in counteroffers; LA/LO will NOT Negotiate for the seller.

Call us at 337-446-4568 or email us at RelianceRealEstateGroup@gmail.com to get your own MLS Listing for a flat fee of only $399!!!

Call/text Jeremiah (337-277-5244) or Anna (337-303-8725) today to chat. 

List your house for only $399!

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