168 Courville Lane, Sunset

This cozy 3bed 2bath farm house with huge mudroom is set back on 4 acres. Ready for your shop, barn, or hobby farm. Outside city limits of Cankton, off hwy 93, no restrictions. Complete remodel from floors to walls, new sewer system, new AC unit. 2.7 acres is clear pasture land, the other acreage is wooded, great for squirrel and doves. Peaceful neighbors, sweet home town folks.

This is a limited service listing. Seller represents themselves. Seller is Site Rite LLC (337-356-8823; RhettThibodeaux@hotmail.com; CindiThibodeaux@hotmail.com). Seller will negotiate for themselves. Send offers to reliancerealestategroup@gmail.com and copy all offers to seller at rhettthibodeaux@hotmail.com; cindithibodeaux@hotmail.com. Contact seller for anything else in regards to this listing. Schedule all showings through Showing Time. Reliance Real Estate does not hold property deposit checks. LA/LO will NOT Advise the seller on PA’s; LA/LO will NOT Arrange Appointments; LA/LO will NOT Assist seller in counteroffers; LA/LO will NOT Negotiate for the seller.

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